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Who We Are

ABHIRAM SOLUTIONS  provides one stop solutions for waterproofing and external painting work. We have different products and services to meet your requirements. At Abhiram Solutions, we understand that one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and construction companies a like is to protect buildings form the damaging effects of water.

Abhiram Solutions is focusing exclusive on high quality and cost – effective waterproofing and external painting work. We are advancing at a tremendous space and with the involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization. ABHIRAM SOLUTIONS offer waterproofing and external painting services in industrial, commercial, Hotels, Hospitals, New and Old construction.

We provide all types of waterproofing services with high-quality waterproofing experts.

Our Features


Abhiram Solutions vision is to become most valued waterproofing company By providing top, high quality, and best waterproofing services.


Abhiram Solutions mission is to provide high-quality waterproofing services to our clients. Our approachable strategies are to help clients to make key decisions for waterproofing problems.


All waterproofing treatment work is carried out by our own directly employed and Best technicians who have been More than 5 years experience in waterproofing services.

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